Learn How to Strengthen Your Self-Image and Create The Love of Your Dreams

Today, I am excited because I have a guest post from Alex Wise, a featured publisher of Loveawake.com dating service. He is a recognized expert on love, marriage, and relationships and he is amazing. Below, he has shared with us some tips on how to strengthen your self-image. We hope you learn more and enjoy the reading as much as we did!

A typical concern for friends of mine is the belief that they have to drop 50 pounds and/or be financially independent before they can create lasting love. This, of course, is a myth. This is just low self-esteem blocking you from being truly whole.

It’s wonderful to desire to appear your best, feel your best, have high self-esteem and be comfortable with your financial situation. It feels great to feel stable, confident, and attractive.

There are a HUGE amount of corporations that feed on peoples’ low sense of self-image. At some point or other, we have all fallen prey to buying that new exercise machine that promises to make it simple for us to tone up, slim down and own a beautiful self. Supplements, special diet foods or dieting plans, products for our hair, skin, teeth, libido, all of it! And these messages are directly centered around one simple idea –  we are not OK as we are.

We are so used to this kind of thought pattern that we hardly even realize what it is. It is no surprise that we do this. After all, when we are born, from the first day of life, we’re loved and typically treated as perfection. Soon after, we are compared to how our siblings:, at what time they attained this or that ability, learning to sit, crawling, learning the language, and so on. Our hair, our bodies and how they are similar or different to this one or that. “Oh, she appears just like Aunt Mary when she was that age.” You know the pattern.

Begin by analyzing your recurring beliefs and feelings about your body. Many people do not actually realize that they have stuck limiting vibrations or feelings from these early experiences. Negativity, whether pervading or subtle, feels bad and many of us just learn to bury it, deal with it, or drive it farther into the unconscious. These intense emotional experiences tend to continue to be subjugated. We’ve all heard the term “emotional baggage.” We walk around with old, unresolved, painful, hard to deal with feelings that continue to be held somewhere inside of us. Those emotions project into the Universe to mirror back more of the same. You can free yourself by improving your self-esteem.

Begin to transform your connection with yourself by making a list of what you like about you. What really works for you? What can you appreciate about your appearance? Think of 10 things every day that you really appreciate about your body. Do you like your hands? Are you appreciative of functioning fingers? Make lists of these positive aspects and watch your energy and vibrational point of attraction start to improve. You CAN improve your self-esteem and attract love.


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