How to Avoid the Imposter Syndrome

Today’s world is filled with high profile good entrepreneur women who tirelessly struggle to success. Over the years, they have built this in-power to succeed at all cost. And when it seems like the hard work has finally paid off. They say to themselves, I can finally relax. Then it creeps in like a shock! the in-power fails them and ‘the imposter syndrome’ begins to work like a lightning bolt out of the blue.


The Imposter syndrome! The feeling that someday you’re going to be found out for being a fraud- that you have no idea what you are doing. Oh! The feeling to quit. That convincing feeling that you were never good enough. The Millennial women entrepreneurs often feel like impostors both in their lives and at their businesses, this is simply because they constantly try out new things which they have never done before. They learn new skills and this can prompt them to feel unqualified in running their business.  Every woman out there should know that they can do it, and if there is anyone who can do it better, you are just that person. So many people have experienced the feeling of being an imposter. It is an equal-opportunity “syndrome” which affects both the male and the female folks, the CEO’s, Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook; Howard Schultz, Oprah Winfrey to name but a few. They all at one point in their career had the imposter feeling but overcame it. Don’t ever consider yourself as the only person in the world faced with the imposter syndrome. The question you need to ask is, how did they triumph in order to avoid the imposter syndrome? Certain things need to be checkmated, which have been critically explained sequentially below.


Firstly, I will like you to know that no one is sitting around wanting you to fail. My advice; train yourself to recognize the voices in your head saying you aren’t good enough…and tell them to stop. They are the real fraud, trying to hold you back from your awesome self. Reactivate the in-power in you.  The goal getter! The true boss and giant achiever! You have to conquer by separating yourself from that voice.  More so, you should be able to accept your inadequacies during the learning process. You are what you think in your heart.


Secondly, find a supportive person who will root you on. This can be all that is needed to face any challenge which at the long run makes you better, stronger and smarter. Never be afraid to ask for help or to find a community that allows for non-judgmental sharing. Overcome the inferiority complex in you. You should own your victory and never think for a second that you got lucky, slipped in or benefit from an extraordinary amount of help because you did your part as an individual by providing your quota in which without you, the victory wouldn’t exist.


Thirdly, expose your true self!  To destroy imposter syndrome, you need to be you to everyone at all times. Don’t pretend to be who you aren’t by giving a fake image of yourself or your business to others. If your business is small let it be small but have the mindset of enlarging your enterprise. Welcome changes and be open about your true self to your customers. Let them know what you think, not only in words but in actions. Have a sense of humor and never be scared to fail.


Finally, to avoid being phony, one need to avoid winging it. One should be able to have a master plan as a tool for counter measures (success & failure) in planning ahead. Always know that no plan survives contact with reality unscathed. Things happen and plans change. But it doesn’t give one the privilege not to foresee and prepare for the possible obstacles that may arise. Be equipped with knowledge, knowing that time and hard work are the only things that distinguishes between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. Anything they can do, you can do it! Too many people see great entrepreneurs as special or a gift but the truth is, every entrepreneur is trying to be the best in its field and that is their drive to stardom. There is no magic, there is no short cut. It’s just hard work and believing in oneself. So, if you must conquer that imposter syndrome, you just have to absorb the in-power and just do it! I repeat, just do it! Don’t let stress and fears overwhelm you into quitting and throwing away your genuine talent. You earned your success. Please don’t destroy it.

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