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    The Modern World of Work: Why a 9-5 is No Longer Your Only Option

Imagine a world in which everyone could share their true talents and passions with others…

A 9-5 is no longer your only realistic option.

Do you have the case of the mondays?

“Is it 5:00 pm yet?”

Stuck in a job you don’t like?

“I hate my job. I don’t enjoy my job anymore.”

Unappreciated by your boss?

“My boss is so difficult to please.”

The internet has made it possible for ANYONE to begin their career as an entrepreneur.

Now is YOUR time!

As an undergrad, I was petrified that I would one day hear myself say those sentences. The world made it seem like my only option was to work a 9-5 job in which I was unhappy and not passionate. But hey, if I was lucky maybe I could do what I really loved as a hobby…if I had enough free time.

Luckily I learned about another route: digital entrepreneurship. Thanks largely to the internet, getting a job no longer means a 9-5. The internet has made entrepreneurship more realistic than ever and the opportunity to do what you are passionate about and to get paid for it a reality.

I started work as a digital entrepreneur when I was in high school. I began as a freelance book editor on freelance websites. While in college, I paid for my education and other expenses all through online freelance writing, copyediting, and video editing for small to mid-size companies. From there, I began grad school, and I launched an international book publishing company based strictly online.

And guess what…you can also be a digital entrepreneur too, no matter what age you are! The opportunities are endless.

At Be a Digital Entrepreneur, we invite you to discover the independence and creativity that comes with being an entrepreneur.

My main objective is to show people that digital entrepreneurship is not as intimidating as one may think. It is a viable option that can lead to incredible freedom both personally and financially. Whether you are a college student looking to start a career as a digital entrepreneur or a baby boomer looking to escape the 9-5, digital entrepreneurship can work for you.

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