Learn More About Professional Speaker Morissa Schwartz

As the Voice of the Generation Z, Morissa Schwartz uses her position as a young bestselling author, digital entrepreneur, and media personality to advocate for the new generation. She is the owner of GenZ Publishing, a thriving publishing company with over 50 authors signed and multiple bestsellers. Morissa’s mission is to positively change the world one word at a time. Contact Morissa at Morissa@genzpublishing.org.

Morissa is a professional speaker who works with young people and makes them leaders through her talk ‘The Modern World of Work: Why a 9-5 is No Longer Your Only Option,’ where she encourages others to follow their passions and talents to succeed. She can be reached at MorissaSchwartz@Consultant.com.

Visit MorissaSchwartz.com for more information about Morissa.

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