If I’m an Entrepreneur Do I Even Need College?

This is a complicated question…Everyone learns differently, just as everyone is ‘smart’ differently. Classroom settings work better for some than others. A combination of classroom learning with real-world learning through work and various experiences has worked well for me, because that’s my style. But no college and just real-world experiences works well for many others, just as simply learning in the classroom and joining the ‘real world’ later has worked for many friends.

While university prices are inflated, in many areas of work, a university degree and beyond is necessary. Even as an entrepreneur, those extra years of university training come in handy when you are selling a client on why you are qualified to work with them, in my experience. But again, it is a path choice that we must all face, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer for everyone.

So in short, as someone about to begin earning her doctorate degree while still being a full-time entrepreneur and public speaker, I believe in the value of education and finding whichever style best fits you.

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