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The Gig Economy

This is a great article about the Gig Economy and its future by Damon Brown. “There is a fascinating parallel between the Millennial take on an American Dream deferred and non-Millennial Sinek’s view of the younger generation. In the TV interview, Sinek said that the older generation bears responsibility for the current Millennial challenges because it […]

How to Avoid the Imposter Syndrome

Today’s world is filled with high profile good entrepreneur women who tirelessly struggle to success. Over the years, they have built this in-power to succeed at all cost. And when it seems like the hard work has finally paid off. They say to themselves, I can finally relax. Then it creeps in like a shock! […]

You Submitted Your Taxes…Now What?

  First of all, congratulations! You already submitted your taxes, and we bet you’re feeling relieved now. This part of the year is very stressful for many people but it really doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, you read it right… There are a lot of things you can do throughout the year that […]